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Last Sunday saw the 3rd Annual Dominicanos parade, this marked the 168th anniversary of the Dominican Republic’s independence from Haiti, which was more than enough reason for the assembled crowd to celebrate.
The floats in this year’s parade followed a common theme. Most were simply trucks with red, white, and blue bunting and a set of speakers on the back. Behind almost every float, a crowd danced along to the merengue beats blaring into the street.

The dancing wasn’t contained to the parade. Spectators joined in, turning King Street into one big dance party. A man with a microphone on one float exhorted the crowd, “Baile! Baile! Baile!”

Christiansted was awash in Dominican flags, large ones, small ones, some attached to cars, and some waved enthusiastically by children. People wore the flag as shirts and capes and some even painted it on their bodies.

The Dominican Republic was not the only nation represented in the parade. Several jeeps bore the Puerto Rican flag, and the Haitian community organized one large float.