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The University of the Virgin Islands men’s soccer team will finally have a home field advantage in the spring. Officials at a groundbreaking ceremony last Friday, said the new field being constructed on the Albert A. Sheen Campus, on St. Croix, opens up many opportunities for the university and the team.
UVI President Dr. David Hall said he often got complaints that there wasn’t an athletics field at the university.

“That is an unfortunate part of the past and not part of the future,” Hill said. “We want to see the facility accommodate and propel the student athletes to stardom.” He added it was a special time with groundbreaking and construction of the field taking place during the golden jubilee celebration of the university.

Peter Sauer, UVI athletic director, said the fields should open up opportunities for league matches and sports tourism. “This is a great addition to the community.”

The plans initially called for three fields, but when excavation began in November the workers found cultural ruins and artifacts in one area, so they had to scale down to two fields.

The UVI team, formed last fall, is part of LAI (Liga Athletica Interuniversitaria) university league, is made up of 21 universities in Puerto Rico and the UVI team. The UVI team has 18 men on the roster from St. Thomas and St. Croix.