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The seventh annual Cruzan Latin Caribbean Pig Roast Festival, was an excellent opportunity to spend a cool, breezy afternoon than roasting and eating pork, listening to live music.
Several teams roasted up a dozen pigs over homemade, whole-pig rotisseries, each of which had unique features and contraptions which the owners proudly declared, would result in tastier meat for eating.

Normally, the teams compete, but this year, with rain pouring down intermittently, they decided not to have a competition, and the teams worked together to feed the crowd, said Armapavie club president Luis “Luisito” Garcia.

Food tents formed a semicircle in the outfield and people walked around talking to friends and nibbling on pork in the early afternoon, with Latin music filling the air. There was plenty of alcapurria, pasteles, pates, pudding and pork in all forms.

But the star of the show was the charcoal-roasted whole pig, or lechon. Juan Ayala and family roasted seven whole pigs for the day. Jorge and Lisette Lopez and the team from Sabor Boricua roasted four whole pigs and four whole turkeys, with a pig and a turkey on each spit.

Frequently, the skies opened up, and poured buckets onto the fields and the crowds pressed into the Armapavie clubhouse and under the food tents, while cooks and grill masters scrambled to cover and protect their pork from the rain and poked tent roofs to push off the fast-growing pools of water.