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Internationally-acclaimed local artist, Roy Lawaetz, who is known for his “Modular Triangular System,” has begun incorporating technology into his art. In his new approach, Lawaetz uses Apple’s iPad to create digital art, with the hope that he can ultimately assimilate it into one of his paintings. “It all started with the rectangle, but I’ve have used the triangle as my primary medium, but with the iPad I might be able to fuse the rectangle back into my art,” he said.
After studying in New York City under the guidance of Victor Candell, and professor Richard Mortensen in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lawaetz decided to create an art form completely separate from the rectangle and moved toward incorporating dozens of uniquely-shaped paintings combined with multiple triangles.

His art is both distinctive and influential, resonating deep Caribbean themes throughout. From Moko Jumbies to the horrors of the Triangle Trade, Lawaetz’s art can sometimes push the boundaries of emotion. However, he seems to contrast this with his vivid use of colors, causing each piece to have a long lasting effect.

Most recently, at the 2007 Florence Biennale, he was awarded a Lorenzo Il Magnifico Premio for his exhibition Biennale Beyond the Walls, and the following year he was featured in the international literary anthology “Caribbean Writer.”