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A luncheon, held from noon to 5 pm., was a fund raising event for Ten Thousand Helpers of St. Croix, where men, women and children were invited to celebrate Fathers Day, a day that rarely gets any recognition on the Island.
Fourteen fathers cooked meals for the event, and as each stood up to explain his dish to the crowd, a colorful handmade chef’s hat was placed on his head as a token of appreciation. Every time a dish was announced the women and children cheered. As the list of delicious items grew, an eager crowd began rubbing stomachs and licking their lips with anticipation.

Board member Judy Bain said “A lot of times men say we don’t have any events to honor fathers, unlike Mother’s Day, which has several events. Also, we wanted to take out the misconception that men can’t cook, and give them a chance to change that paradigm.”

The crowd lined up to dig into the buffet, as the mouth-watering mixture of scents and aromas wafted through the air. Amongst the ordinary fathers who cooked up a storm included, Paul O’Neill who was eager to share his homemade pinon with others, Kendall Petersen, who made a vegetarian lasagna, however had mixed feelings about doing the event because of rising costs of food. One thing was certain about the day, which included a dominoes tournament, dancing, and music by the band Siete Son, everybody went home with a full stomach and a smile on their faces.