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St. Croix is renowned for attracting diver’s far and wide, visitor’s can also be given expert advice from one of the many dive operators. The V.I. Division of Tourism lists eight dive shops on St. Croix, and they are staffed by experienced divers who can carry the diver by boat to the best sites on the island. The staff has a great deal of expertise and can provide a world-class experience to all levels of diver. They evaluate conditions at a number of dive sites and choose the best for that day ensuring that everyone has the best possible dive. St. Croix boasts the largest living reef of any Caribbean island as it is almost completely surrounded by a barrier reef. Most diving on St. Croix is done along the north and west shores. The reefs on the west end of the island are also some of the most pristine reefs you’ll find anywhere in this area. You can find several sites here are a few of the more popular one’s.

Frederiksted Pier, this 250-yard concrete pier is encircled by lots of fish, sponges and sea horses. There is a trio of somewhat shallow wrecks northwest of Frederiksted.

Salt River Canyon, This 1,000′ drop-off has a submarine ravine ending in a waterfall, and its west and east sites are the most requested and suggested dives on the island.

Buck Island Reef National Monument, is a lush protected area and is operated by the National Park Service and has undersea markers which describe marine life.