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With Easter drawing ever closer the residents of St Croix are preparing to descend upon the beaches with Tents and camping materials ready to stay for the easter break with friends and family. Taking a break from the usual hustle and bustle of their normal lives, families take this opportunity to sit and talk, swim, boat and fish, cook, eat, play dominoes cards or board games and sleep.

Residents do this each year with their families across beaches in St Croix. At Cramers Park, Sen. Terrence “Positive” Nelson will once again be holding a type of summer camp called the Unity retreat camp which is for boys and girls, this has been held by Nelson every year for the past 14. The object of the camp is to get kids away from the usual lives they lead watching TV and playing on video games in favor of outdoor activities.

The Camp has hikes down to Jack and Isaac Bay and a daily beach cleanup, there are also other structured activities for the children “We get up early and have exercises, then everyone has chores starting with cleaning the grounds and kitchen duties” Said Stephanie Nelson.