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The V.I. Housing Authority’s plans for the next five years were introduced to the public at a public hearing on St Croix this past week.

The plan contains goals and objectives for the next five years, including:

• Making progress toward becoming a high performing public housing authority. The V.I. Housing Authority has been in troubled status — and under direct federal control — for years, and the plan is to develop a roadmap to bring the agency out of troubled status.

• Fully implementing Asset Management — a HUD-mandated management model that decentralizes public housing operations into property-management groupings, which fund the central office through fees.

• Developing additional affordable housing in the territory through investigating, designing, partnering and implementing redevelopment initiatives.

• Developing a viable homeownership strategy and program for low-income families in the territory.

• Enhancing the quality of life for families who live in public housing communities in various ways, including by enhancing resident programs that encourage economic self-sufficiency.

• Enhancing the attractiveness and marketability of its housing stock.

The next hearing will be held on St Thomas. These public meetings are necessary, before the plan is submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.