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We are happy to announce that the Boys and Girls Club of St Croix is bringing recycling back to our island. With plans to open the last week of March, they will accept just cans (for now) at Anna’s Hope. The center will be a drop-off site for rinsed aluminum and steel cans, every Thursday through Sat.

We hope their efforts will be successful enough to launch Phase Two and Phase Three – plastic bottles and glass. Don’t drop off either or these, or motor oil, at least for now.

As reported by GotoStCroix, “As important as the service the Recycle Center provides us islanders, it’s even more important that we show them our consistent support. They need to process at least 5 million cans to break even– it sounds like a lot but that’s only 20% of the 27 million cans that are imported into our island each year. We need to do our part to keep those cans out of the landfill and into the recycling system. Our island is too small to sustain that kind of waste and damage to our ecosystem will affect us all immediately. If we want to keep recycling on St. Croix, we need to be sure to support the facilities that provide such fantastic resources for us.”

If you eat at a restaurant, ask if they recycle. If you shop at a grocery, ask if they recycle. Same with the hotel you stay at and the tourist attraction you enjoy. It should go without saying that we each need to start recycling at home!

“Making lasting environmental change is all about the small contributions and lifestyle habits we as a collective group must adopt to sustain the world around us. Just a small effort by a large group can make an enormous difference,” summarizes Katie of GotoStCroix.

For more information, you can contact us at or Colleen Sullivan, who is the new director of the Recycle Center– her email address is