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The Virgin Island´s own Showtime Band has released its new single, “Over do It” which will be followed by another album launch set for release in July. The album is expected to bring out the true VI style through upbeat and groovy soca lyrics.

Roger Frank, Manager of the Band, said that following the “Over Do It” release, they will be making available singles from the album periodically until it goes on sale in July.

Showtime Band is known for its famous tunes from the 2008 hit album “The Family Volume 3”, with hits such as “VI Wine”, “Motion” and the 2008 Road March winner “Hula Hoop”.

Last year, the band released its soca album called “The Lost Treasure” which was launched at Quito´s Gazebo and opened with “Get Up” and ends with the already popular “BVI”.

If you wish to book the band or need further information, call Roger Frank on 340-0546.