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As reported by the St Croix Lime, “A state-of-the-art integrated system of weather stations delivering information around the clock was completed in December with the mounting of sensors at Sandy Point (St. Croix) and Savannah Cay.

“This completes the five-station system, called V.I. Mesonet, which previously included stations at WGOD radio station atop Crown Mountain, on Buck Island in the Charlotte Amalie harbor, and on Two Brothers rocks east of St John.

“The whole endeavor is being conducted by the University of the Virgin Islands on behalf of the Caribbean Regional Association (CaRA) and is an example of regional, technological cooperation and coordination, providing a greater volume of highly accurate scientific information in real time.”

The system is vitally important as researchers in the Caribbean study the effects of climate change on our environment, by providing a continuous timeline of the meteorological conditions around the territory.

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