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Hundreds came out to see 22 youngsters sing for the 29th Annual Junior Calypso Competition Sunday, Dec. 20, at Island Center for the Performing Arts. While most of the youngsters followed this year’s theme of “Non Violence,” others sang about the Crucian Christmas Festival, local culture, their faith, singing and dancing.

The Xpress Band once again played backup for the competitors, who performed in six categories based on their ages – Pee Wee, Pee Wee I, Pee Wee II, Intermediate, Intermediate I, Junior and Junior I. The young calypsonians sang while dressed in stylish costumes and some with props, backup dancers and actors.

St. Croix Educational Complex 10th-grader Kaylah Galloway sand “Dropped the Ball,” to edge out former two-year champion Demaris “Queen Terror” Belardo for the win in the Junior division of the competition.