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Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has unveiled the wholly redesigned Coldwell Banker website available now at A key objective of the site launch is to help redefine real estate search which, to date, has focused primarily on such functional aspects of home-buying as number of bedrooms or listing price. The beta launch of the new Coldwell Banker website offers consumers a unique portfolio of new search options that incorporate elements of such online innovators as music recommendation engines and major e-commerce sites.

“Recognizing both the value of consumers’ time as well as the excess of often unhelpful information about real estate found online, our goal at Coldwell Banker is to provide potential homebuyers and sellers with the most comprehensive, informative and user-friendly experience possible,” said Jim Gillespie, president and chief executive officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “The new Coldwell Banker website not only provides consumers with up-to-date property listings, home-related tips and industry news, but it allows consumers to search for homes using a variety of methods.”

Features of the new site include: tground-breaking BlueScapesm search platform, a fresh approach to real estate search that allows consumers to discover the aspects of their “dream home” based on their attraction to a series of images and settings; a “You May Also Like” feature that offers additional homes of interest, based on a range of characteristics from properties consumers select as “preferred”; technology that immediately identifies a consumer’s current location via their computer’s unique IP address, and offers properties for sale in that area; keyword searching that enables users to find properties featuring specific details of their choice and integration and expansion of virtual tours and video display of select listings where available.

“Despite its focus on hard numbers like square footage and price, real estate is also a deeply emotional process,” explained Michael Fischer, senior vice president of marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “Home buying is often driven by a gut feeling like the first time you lay eyes on a home or that vision you have in your mind’s eye of the perfect mountain view. We’ve widened the definition of real estate search to give consumers the chance to explore those intangibles.”

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