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The St Croix Administration is focusing on the development of business opportunities throughout the territory. Governor deJongh wants to increase industry in the Virgin Islands and create more small business opportunitis. The Governor’s initiatives have included:

1. Starting a performance bonding program that assists local contractors

2. Providing greater access for more local companies to work on construction projects

3. Funding an initiative on St. Croix so that Taxi Vans and Drivers could meet the requirements established by the cruise lines for passenger transportation

Additionally, the Governor has worked to build existing industries like Tourism. Governor deJongh was extremely pleased to bring the long awaited return of cruise ships back to St. Croix. The Governor, Lt. Governor and the St. Croix community welcomed this tremendous news for the Big Island. The Administration’s ongoing efforts in working with the major cruise lines to provide regular cruise ship traffic to St. Croix and diversify the visitor mix to the island provides both economic stability and growth.

With the return of Disney Cruise Lines in January and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in February, St. Croix has now begun to see a much anticipated increase in activity for small business owners, retail shops, vendors and on-shore excursions.