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The Virgin Islands commemorative quarter will be released Sept. 28. Our official bird (the Banana Quit), flower (Yellow Cedar), and motto (“United in Pride and Hope”) will be immortalized by the U.S. Mint as a part of the American Territories series.

And, The U.S. Virgin Islands will also be featured as a part of the America is Beautiful series, which will showcase the most beautiful sites in the United States, such as national parks and forests.

The Salt River Bay on St Croix has been chosen to be featured on the coin, which will be released in 2020. This 1,1015 acre National Park was established in 1992 and contains some of the largest mangrove forests in the V.I., and prehistoric and colonial archaeological sites.

Park officials will submit information for the U.S. Mint to create designs, and Governor DeJongh will help create the final design, which will then be approved by Treasury Secretary Geithner.

(resource: GoToStCroix)