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Governor deJongh is pressing hard to keep his promise to our Territory’s youth by aggressively pushing a schedule for the improvement of recreational areas throughout the Virgin Islands.

Housing, Parks and Recreation Commissioner St. Claire N. Williams and his agency have embarked on a mission to enhance and upgrade parks and recreational facilities throughout the Territory. Work is either ongoing or slated to begin on refurbishing the following recreational complexes:

Estate Campo Rico Playground

D. Hamilton Jackson Park

Estate Glynn Recreation Park

Fort Frederik Park and Beach

Castle Burke

Emile Henerson Ballpark

Alvin McBean Ballpark

Bordeaux Playground

Frenchtown Tot Lot

Paul M. Peasron Garden

Oswald Harris Court

Frydenhoj Recreation Area

Pine Peace Basketball Court

“We must always continue to provide our young people with the facilities and every opportunity to explore and develop to their full potential, as both athletes and healthy citizens. I know we have many more good, and great, professional athletes growing up among us. We must encourage and support them,” deJongh said. He voiced continued support for the rehabilitation and renovation projects ongoing at a number of other locations Territory-wide. To see a listing of the current and future projects, please visit the Governor’s web site at