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Green Living in St Croix

Bamboo homes have made their way to St Croix. The Caribbean distributor, Bamboo Island Homes, has been to Hawaii and thoroughly researched this very exciting system, which has been an option for other markets for hundreds of years.

The literature about bamboo says that it is as strong as steel and because it is a grass, more fire resistant than wood. The homes are treated to be termite, mold and fungus resistant. They are also built to Miami-Dade County code for hurricane and wind forces.

Partnering with Bamboo Living, the manufacturer of these prefabricated structures, Bamboo Island Homes, offers a variety of different designs including the West Indian. Of course they can be customized to suit the need of every individual and developer from a single-family dwelling to yoga retreats and spa resorts. Starting as low as $60 per square foot for the system price, there is a style to fit every taste and budget.

You can view the models to get an idea of your design choices and their costs at Discovery Grove. There are 4 different package lines to choose from, including custom building. There will be a spec house/vacation rental constructed in Salt River late winter/spring. Currently, there are 4 structures on display in Discovery Grove.

With construction possibly complete in about six months, it is a real alternative to traditional building, aesthetically pleasing, and in keeping with the natural tropical beauty of our island while being environmentally friendly and responsible.