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There is no better way to say goodbye to Ted Kennedy than to quote the official statement of Governor and Mrs. deJongh:

“Cecile and I were saddened to learn of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, an American icon and a political giant in the history of our United States Congress.

“Senator Kennedy was a tireless leader in the United States Senate who for the past five decades led a relentless effort to advance civil rights, health care reform and increased economic opportunity and social justice for all American people.

“Senator Kennedy was also a good friend to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Both Cecile and I had the good fortune to meet Senator Kennedy when we attend the John F.Kennedy “Profiles in Courage” dinner in Boston, MA during May, 2008. During our meeting, Senator Kennedy spent most of the time together talking about St. Croix and his love for the Islands and the people. He also shared with us stories of sailing to Buck Island as well as his favorite places in the Territory. Senator Kennedy went so far as to draw a map of St. Croix on the back of the speech he was to deliver that evening while he pointed out all the places he remembered. It was very clear that he had great fondness for the beauty of the Virgin Islands.

“The United States of America has lost a great leader whose legacy will be remembered as one of the most dedicated political leaders of our time as well as one of the greatest U.S. Senators in our nation’s history.

“Just as significantly, the Kennedy family has lost a pillar of strength and the patriarch who helped to lead their family for a generation. The people of the Virgin Islands join me, and Cecile, in extending heartfelt condolences to the Kennedy family.”

(source: Gov. John P. DeJongh, Jr.)