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The US Virgin Islands are an American investors dream – part of the US, English spoken, English currency, English customs. It is a US territory but a Caribbean nation, with a rich history, beautiful beaches, and relaxed lifestyle. Much of the US Virgin Islands is protected from development, and the US government owns not a few acres in parklands. Foreigners can freely buy properties.

Why choose St Croix over St John or St Thomas?

According to Global Property Guide, “St John is the most expensive island, because it is extremely small. A one-bedroom/one-bath residence on the market cost around US$527,000 in 2007. Average house price in St. Thomas is US$4,320 per sq. m, with 200-sq. m houses selling for US$2 million. In St. Croix, a 200-sq. m houses at around $1 million…

“A 120 sq.m. condominium is almost twice the going rate in St. Thomas than it is in St. Croix at US$ 4,073 per square metre. Though the buying price doesn’t necessarily reflect this at US$290,000 versus US$500,000 for the said sized property. Average prices for houses range from US$1.4 M in St. Croix to US$2.7M in St. John,” as reported in January, 2009.

Read their article on Rental Income, capital gains, inheritance taxes and more at the Global Property Guide for the Caribbean.

We think you will decide that a real estate investment in St Croix is worthwhile, and that St Croix is the best island to consider. Contact a Coldwell Banker sales agent to discuss our real estate opportunities.